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The Little Match Girl

And the story goes...
Long time ago there was a little match girl. She was given several matches box to sell them in the city. The weather wasn't that evening. It was cold, the wind was strong. When she was walking, some rude boys took her shoe way, the second one was lost in the winter storm.

Even then the thought she would sell the matches quickly. She sat finally. The girl wanted to get warm so she put her hood, and started a fire.

She saw smilling children in that flame. They were dancing around the Xmas tree . The children has disappeared as soon as the fire has gone. I was watching patiently, but as soon as she wanted to start a second fire I decided to buy some matches.

I welcomed her home, put some wood to the fire place so that she could warm up...

The Little match girl has 45 cm. She wasn't made for order - she is for sell.
She is filled by sheep wool, cleaned and carded by me.

She has blue dress from original Girasol fabric - design no 24 and Extra Virgin Eclusive Girasol
a T shirt, felted shoes, grey felted coat with silk, panths, matches, an old trolley.

She has goat unglazed hair, (a little brush for free). The skin is made from swiss tricot certified with Okotest. Her face was carefully sculpted.

She has a skeleton inside the body so that she could move her fingers legs.


LaChicaBonita toddler edition :)

LaChicaBonita Exclusive Girasol will be woven for Spring 2015!

There will be available in the following colors of the weft and sizes:

azul capitan 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m 5,2m

azul de ocaso 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m

black 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m

bronceado 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m

columbia 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m

crema de nube 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m

purpura romana 3,6m 4,2m 4,6m

It'll be woven in cross twill new thicker (double weft).

Preorder will close at the end of January 2015!

The preorder prices are:
100€ - 2,6m
110€ - 3,6m
120€ - 4,2m
130€ - 4,6m
150€ - 5,2m

The prices will be 20€ more expensive after Juanary!

If you'd like to get one of them please send me inquiry to email



Motley is an Imps & Pixies exclusive designed in memory of Liz "Sanrio" Marquez.
A portion of every purchase going directly to support her children.



New Exclusive Girasol will be woven for Spring 2015!

There will be available in the following colors of the weft:
azul capitan
crema de nube
fresa silvestre
purpura llamativa

It'll be woven in cross, thicker and standard twill, tapered or fringed wraps.

If you'd like to get one of them please send me inquiry to email


Merry Christmas !!!

We wish you relaxed holidays and a beautiful turn of the year !

foto - Our Christmas Eve in Girasol. enjoy!


Liz "Sanrio" Marquez Memorial Decal Pre-Order

Liz passed away on December 16, 2014, after suffering cardiac arrest and a resulting coma 10 days earlier.

The 32 year old mother left behind 5 children and her husband, as well as her family and friends. As an active member in the babywearing and cloth diapering communities both locally and online, Liz touched many people's lives. Even after her passing, Liz SAVED lives - as an organ donor. An overwhelming number of people have donated to the family, set up other fundraisers and even donated breast milk. Several businesses are pitching in by donating merchandise for auction, wraps are being woven in Liz's honor and a memorial email address was set up for her family to read the love being poured their way in the wake of such tragedy.

In an effort to give back, a vendor (The Inhouse Graphics) has been secured (by Chelsea Spitzley) to create vinyl memorial window decals in Liz's name.

All orders will be taken in a pre-order fashion, detailed below.

After fees and shipping, all monies raised will be donated directly to Liz's family (via her GoFundMe page; either for the family or the GoFundMe page set up to fund a deep freezer for all of the donated breast milk being offered for Liz's youngest, Brixton. The funds will go where they are most needed.) *A number of FREE decals will be donated to Liz's family, as well.

*We foresee a huge demand, so please understand that while we are trying to help Liz's family, event planners are volunteers who have their own families and responsibilities. Please bear with us as we accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities.


- Designed by Lyndsey Vincent, the image is made to represent LIZ. From her love of rainbows, her tattoos, her love of Hello Kitty, to the baby she wears so close to her heart, to her dimple piercings, her hair and a headband to her newly earned wings.
- 4.5" x 4.5"
- Image shown is not exact but gives an amazing representation; the lines won't be on the decals (they show where decals will be cut), the wings will be outlined in rainbow, rather than solid as shown, and memorial text will be added "In loving memory of Liz Marquez" (added how decal maker deems appropriate for production- we trust his judgment, as he is a personal friend of Chelsea).


- Decals will be $10.00 US EACH; this price INCLUDES shipping and PayPal fees.
- Orders will ONLY be accepted if sent to the order email address noted below. Orders placed via this event wall or Facebook message will NOT be counted, purely for organizational purposes. Its easier to keep everything in one place.
- Pre-order will be open for ONE WEEK. Orders placed after closing cannot be honored.
- Payment will be due via PayPal ONLY, within 24 hours of receiving an invoice. All orders NOT paid within 24 hours will be cancelled.
- When pre-order closes, the bulk order will be forwarded to the vendor for production. Number of decals needed will determine production time.
- Upon completion, decals will be shipped to Stacey Priddy (in Ohio), sorted and mailed as timely as possible.
- Since only paid orders will be produced, there will not be any extra decals to post for sale, so please order here.
- International shipping available.
- All orders will be sent regular First Class Mail.
- All updates will be made to the Prayers for Liz Sanrio Marquez page, but we will try to post updates in the other groups Liz was a part of. Individual email updates may not be possible, and we appreciate your understanding.

(No orders accepted after December 27, 2014- 6:00 PM EST)

- Your name as it is to appear for shipping purposes. (We cannot ship to "Ste Ven", for example. We need a real name, rather than a nickname.)
- Number of decals desired
- Email address associated with your PayPal account for invoicing

Send order to

Your love and support for Liz and her family is greatly appreciated.